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Our International Money Transfer Services


Direktwire provide an international money transfer service for individuals and businesses. With Direktwire you can send money directly to your family, friends and businesses partners quickly and securely. We have a particularly speciality in international money transfers for Nigeria but our platform can be used to transfer money to most countries in the world.

Although all of money transfer services we offer a built around fast and secure online platforms. However, if you do need to contact us we have a friendly UK based support team who can help you get your transfer organised.

Transfer Money from Credit and Debit Cards

Our international money transfer service lets you send money from your debit or credit card direct to the bank account of a friend or relative overseas. With low fees, fair exchange rates and a quick transfer time your friends and relatives can be using the money you send them in next to no time.

To transfer money internationally you just need to complete a simple registration process, provide some ID and give us the details of the bank account you want the money to go into. We will then show you a complete breakdown of the fees and exchange rates including how much money you are sending and the total that will be received at the other end. We can even give you a choice of exchange rates depending on how quickly you want to transfer the money.


Transfers Without a Bank Account

As well as providing an international money transfer service we provide a service to top up mobile phones in over 145 countries. This allows you to send money to friends and relatives who may not have access to traditional bank accounts. Our online mobile top-up service lets you send money internationally using 239 different payment methods including credit cards, direct bank transfers, prepaid cards and e-wallets. You simply need to know the mobile phone number of the person you want to send funds to, fill in a simple form and make your payment. The money will be added to the balance of the mobile phone number you have given almost instantly.


Nigeria Transfer Specialists

Although we can transfer money to lots of different countries we are particular specialists in international money transfers from the UK to Nigeria.

Nigeria was the first country that we started offering a money transfer service for and we have built up considerable expertise in dealing with the Nigerian banking system. For money transfers to Nigeria we convert your money at close to the parallel market rate based on the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN’s) directive for interbank offered rates.


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