Send Money to Nigeria

Direktwire is your best option for sending money to Nigeria. Direktwire was started to make sending money to friends and family in Nigeria from the UK as easy as possible. We now deal with transfers to many other countries but sending money to Nigeria remain our speciality.

The most popular way to send money to Nigeria is to use our online platform to make a payment directly into the Nigerian bank account of your friends or family. The money you send to them can come directly from your own bank account via a transfer or through a credit or debit card payment.

Fair Exchange rates

Before you send any money we will show you all of the fees and the exchange rates up front. We convert your money at close to the Nigerian Parallel Market Rate. You can easily find the current Parallel Market Rate online so you can compare our rates and make sure you are getting a fair deal. Unlike some banks and other transfer services we don’t use an inflated exchange rate.

We are also completely transparent on our fees. We will show you exactly what fees you will pay up front so that you can compare prices with other providers and so you know exactly how much money your recipient will receive.

Bank to Bank Transfers

We can send money to all major banks in Nigeria. All we need are your beneficiaries or recipients bank account details, their bank’s name and NUBAN account number and you are ready to go. At your end you can send funds direct from your own bank account or you can send money using a credit or debit card. All of the details will be handled on our secure online platform and money can be with your friends and family quickly and safely. .

Many of clients use our money transfer service to send money back to friends and family but you business also use our service to send money to Nigeria. Business transfers work in the same way as personal ones so that businesses can benefit from our low fees and low exchange rates as well..

Mobile Top-ups and Mobile Money Wallets

As well as sending money to bank accounts in Nigeria you can use our service to top up the credit on mobile phones in Nigeria. You can also send to mobile money wallets in Nigeria from banks offering mobile money services, such as GT Bank or Ecobank Mobile Money.So even if your friends and family don’t have access to a traditional bank account you can still send money to them easily and quickly.